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Our journey began with a coffee-scented adventure to a plantation in Colombia. In a quaint village, we stumbled upon a heartwarming scene – children giggling as they petted and fed donkeys and mules.

Naturally, we had to dive into the story behind it, and that’s when we uncovered the magic – it was a sanctuary for these wonderful creatures. The local farmers proudly shared how these animals had been the unsung heroes, tirelessly supporting their work and communities. To them, it was a matter of giving back when these loyal companions retired. The sanctuary also opened its doors to care for sick or abandoned donkeys.

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This serendipitous encounter sparked a lively conversation among us. Our Managing Director, Paul, with his infectious humour, chimed in, ‘Isn’t that bad ass?’ Yes, pun fully intended! But beyond the pun, a profound thought took root: What if we could savour exceptional coffee and, at the same time, be a part of something bigger – supporting local causes for both humans and our four-legged friends? All of this while staying true to sustainability and eco-friendliness from the coffee farm to your cup. And so, the Bad Ass Coffee Club was born.

We personally curate specialty-grade coffee beans from the verdant landscapes of South America and roast them fresh just for you. This approach makes us genuine coffee aficionados, ensuring we not only know each coffee bean’s backstory but are also deeply committed to the remarkable quality it brings and the communities it brightens.

Why We're Bad Ass

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    In alignment with our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, we take great care to source our products from sustainable resources. We make a conscious choice to purchase from co-operatives and communities, knowing that our investments support healthy agribusiness and vibrant communities.

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    Ethically Sourced

    Our approach to ethical sourcing reflects our deep consideration for the well-being of coffee growers and producers. We blend a selection of certified, directly traded, and ethically produced commodity coffees from South America. This mix ensures that we not only deliver exceptional coffee but also contribute positively to the livelihoods of those who cultivate it.

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    Zero Waste Roasting

    We take pride in our zero waste roasting approach. Our innovative technology utilises used coffee grounds, ingeniously repurposed to generate the thermal energy necessary for roasting our fresh coffee batches. It’s a fully circular economy, a zero waste solution that reflects our commitment to sustainability.

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    Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    When it comes to packaging, we’ve got the environment in mind. Our coffee is carefully encased in recyclable materials, ensuring a sustainable afterlife for the packaging once you’ve savored every drop of our coffee.